Dr Botlhe Michael Modisane of South Africa has been elected President of the World Assembly of Delegates of the WORLD ORGANISATION FOR ANIMAL HEALTH- OIE for a three year term (2015-2018).

The World Assembly of Delegates is the highest authority of the OIE. It comprises the Delegates of all Member Countries and meets at least once a year. The General Session of the Assembly lasts five days and is held every year in May in Paris. Voting by Delegates within the Assembly respects the democratic principle of 'one country, one vote'.

The main functions of the Assembly are:

  • to adopt international      standards in the field of animal health, especially for international      trade;
  • to adopt resolutions on      the control of the major animal diseases;
  • to elect the members of      the governing bodies of the OIE (President and Vice-President of the      Assembly, members of the Council and of the Regional Commissions), as      well as the members of the Specialist Commissions;
  • to appoint the Director      General of the OIE;
  • to examine and approve      the annual report of activities and the financial report of the Director      General and the annual budget of the OIE.

In addition, during the General Session, two technical items of general interest are dealt by speakers chosen for their specialist knowledge, and the animal health situation worldwide is presented in summary form with additional information provided by each Member Country.

The work of the World Assembly of Delegates is prepared by the Council. It comprises a President, a Vice-President, the Immediate Past President and six Delegates representing all regions of the world. It meets at least twice a year in Paris to examine, in consultation with the Director General, technical and administrative matters, in particular the program of activities and the draft budget prior to their submission to the Assembly.

Dr Modisane was responsible for Animal Production and Health at the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.