“Undiscovered Canvas” and the city of city of Théoule-Sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes) under their annual exhibition called THEOULE EXPO present the exhibition:  “A look at the South African contemporary art scene”. ​

Created by Nomaza Nongqunga in 2015, “Undiscovered Canvas” is a platform aimed at promoting emerging contemporary South African, and other African artists in Europe, by building contacts with the European market and educating the new market about its South African artists.

​Born in South Africa in 1981, Nomaza has been living in France since 2008, and currently represents a wide variety of South African artists. 13 artists’ works will be exhibited at the Espace Culturel of the Theoule Sur Mer ranging from paintings, photography to ceramics.

​South African art is renowned for its dynamic mix of European influences and African traditions, thus communicating the richness’ of the continent and at the same time presenting a visual aesthetic that is equally appealing to international audiences. In South Africa, ​

Africa’s art scene which was somewhat of an insiders’ secret has over the last decade witnessed tremendous growth and international recognition. Several African capital cities, from Dakar, Lagos, Johannesburg, and Nairobi have become destinations of a thriving African art

The expo will take place at the Espace Culturel, 9 avenue Charles Dahon, from the 23rd of June to the 2nd of July